Dive into 2020 with Pyque!

Dive into 2020 with Pyque!

The first days of the year 2020 are for all a synonym of renewal, the time for resolutions and new projects. At Pyque, this is above all the year of the launch of our collection!

So we take advantage of the arrival of 2020 to wish you a happy new year, open our blog and tell you where we are now!

If you follow us on the social media, you know that the development of our first collection took longer than expected.
Just a few days before we started production last spring, we received our rolls of material and they didn't look at all as expected. Hand feel was too dry and uncomfortable: everything we don't want for our swimwear! So we made the decision to cancel production and start again our search of the perfect fabric.

We found it in Portugal from a specialized supplier who was already supplying us with our inner mesh fabric (super soft!). Thick enough to fit you well and soft and supple enough for maximum comfort.
We have just placed an order to develop the material in our own colours.

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Until all this is ready, we are still working on the measurements of our products to make sure they fit you perfectly!
If all goes well we will be ready to unveil the collection in the spring.

We thank you for all the support you give us on social networks, we look forward to introducing you to our products and our world.

See you soon!

Yvain, from Pyque.

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