As you know, the fashion industry has flaws. One of the biggest of them is that this industry is transparent about its practices. At Pyque, we are not perfect, but we are transparent.
Here's how we're trying to change things, little by little and at our level.


Environmental impact

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Respecting our planet starts with products that haven't been around the world three times before arriving at your home. This is why we have been keen to group together as much as possible our supply and manufacturing areas.

Our material supplier, embroiderer and manufacturer are all in the Porto area, just a few kilometers from each other. Only our hand embroideries (Signature shorts, available soon) are made in Calcutta in a luxury workshop offering us a quality and precision that we could not have offered you made in Europe without doubling our selling prices. The only pieces of material to make the trip are the ones that are actually embroidered and they fit in a small cardboard box!


Our supply and production areas

Drawing, technical design, accessories.
Icon Portugal
Materials, machine embroidery, manufacturing
Icon India
Handmade embroidery

At Pyque, our clothing workshop is eco-responsible, but some of our materials are not yet. That's why, while waiting to switch to totally recycled materials, we have decided to donate 1% of our turnover to an association by becoming a member of 1% for the Planet. 

We have chosen the French association The Sea Cleaners, whose mission is to reduce the quantity of plastics in our oceans, firstly by educating the population but also by creating a boat capable of collecting and processing plastic macro-waste.

Quality above all


Better production means above all creating better quality products. A product that lasts over time means you will avoid over-consumption and reduce textile waste. 

This is why we have chosen the most chlorine- and sun-resistant embroidery threads as well as a polyamide material that is durable over time and resistant to water, wind, sun and tears. And with the know-how of our garment factory, you will be able to keep your embroidered swimsuit for a long time.

Transparent prices

Big clothing brands apply crazy margins and sometimes resell their products for 8 times more than their purchase price. We don't do that here! We are conscious about our prices but quality has a cost: find below the main components of our selling price.

price transparency

What remains is used to design and produce new collections, store products, manage unsold stock, pay our service providers, make ourselves known...