Blue, Pantone colour of the year 2020.

Pantone recently named 'Classic Blue' (Pantone 19-4052) as the colour of the year 2020, following an extensive trend analysis of the various creative sectors. Blue is also a very important colour for Pyque and will be featured in our 2020 collection!

Our own vision of blue for 2020.

According to Pantone, Classic Blue is a reassuring and universal colour, tinged with optism and evoking "the immense and infinite evening sky". For our 2020 collection, we have chosen a midnight blue and a petroleum blue for our swimwear (a little less poetic but just as effective!) and two washed-out shades of indigo for our T-shirts.

Of course, at Pyque we use the Pantone system: from the creation of the style to the validation of the products. Indeed, Pantone is an essential colour nomenclature used by all fashion professionals (including factories and manufacturers) to communicate on colours. This system allows us to ensure that the colours of our various garments correspond exactly to the shades we had imagined and chosen.
Our textile "pantonier" includes no less than 2310 colours directly presented on pieces of cotton: impossible not to find what you are looking for!

Want to know more about colour systems?

If you are interested in colour coding systems, we recommend a book that we love at Pyque: "Werner's Nomenclature of Colours", which was first published in 1814 and is a magnificent classification of colours. Indeed, this collection gives examples of each colour from the animal, vegetable and mineral world.
It is a book with undeniable charm that can be seen as a true ancestor of the Pantone system.

Until we can dress you in our different shades of blue, we wish you a very good day!

Yvain from Pyque.

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