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Covid-19 lockdown: some news.

Above all, I hope that you and your families are well and that you can bear the lockdown due to Covid-19, and maybe even manage to take advantage of it to rest a little!
For many of you, you are now working from home. No change at Pyque since this has already been the case for us for a few months, after a year working at Station F.

We're still moving forward, despite the lockdown.

This lockdown affects all our production areas (France, Portugal and India) but at different levels.
Our partner factory in Portugal continues to work, while taking care of its employees of course and favouring working from home whenever possible. And I am delighted to announce that the production of our swimsuit with embroidered designs has started!

On the other hand, we make our handmade embroideries in India, a country that lives in total lockdown fro 3 weeks. The production is therefore stopped but the most important thing today for India is to avoid a major crisis. So we will wait as long as it takes!

Learn more about our partners.

A perfect fit!

A few days before we started production, we received our latest samples in all sizes (this is called a "size set"), to make sure that you will feel comfortable in your Pyque swim short whatever your size is. And we're super happy because the result is finally here! A pleasant wear (we're a fan of our new soft material!) and above all the assurance that the product fits perfectly for every size.

We now hope that the Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown will soon come to an end and that we'll all be able to move on, get out of our homes (!) and let's be crazy, that we'll be able to take a dip in a Pyque swim short soon!

Take good care of yourself.

Yvain from Pyque.

You probably know them by heart, but you can find the measurements and other information on containment here.

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