Good news: our Blue December starts today!

Right now we all need escape and good news. So at Pyque, we've decided to make you happy and make your December sunny with our bathing shorts and t-shirts at a very soft price with the Blue December!

Why now?

Until now, we have not offered a promotion for a very simple reason: our prices are fair and transparent all year round.
(to find out more about the composition of our prices: click here).

But the current context is pushing us to think about our model, which is why, for the first time, Pyque is offering a 30% discount on each product, from December 1st to December 15th with the promotional code BLUEDECEMBER.

Take time to think about your purchases!

Black Friday is a crazy time when we are all attracted to strong promotions on the same day. This mechanism makes us buy products we don't necessarily need for fear of missing out on a bargain: hyper-consumption par excellence. Everything we don't want at Pyque.

We therefore offer you the Blue December over a period of 15 days, to give you time to think about the clothes you want to wear in the coming months or that you want to give to one of your loved ones for Christmas.

blue december

And as Blue December lasts until December 15th, you are guaranteed to receive your order in time for Christmas and to put your pretty Pyque package under the tree.
No stress either for returns and exchanges as they will be possible until January 10th (except for personalized products).

What's important is to please you during the holidays.

We hope that you will enjoy this special moment and that it will allow you to make (or give) a nice gift for the holidays: a garment from a French company, made in Europe and responsible.

On our side, we would be delighted to participate, thanks to our products, in your next holiday in the sun that we are all waiting for! And your orders will help us to develop our next collections because, as you can imagine, our start up activity in fashion has been well turned around during this year.

The entire Pyque team wishes you a very happy holiday season!
Take good care of you and your loved ones.

Lea and Yvain, from Pyque.

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