Discover the story behind the brand, our fabrics as well as how to take care of our products


The history of the brand

After developing many clothing ranges in big textile groups ruled by mass consumption and fast fashion ideas, I decided to finally do my job the way I wanted to: respectfully and with a strong attention to detail.

Noticing that it’s quite difficult for men to find sophisticated swimsuit that can be worn everywhere, I decided to launch Pyque in 2019 with a perfectly cut swim short showcasing the art of embroidery.

textile weaving

Our partners

Embroidery is an ancient fashion know-how that we decided to highlight in our brand. More precise and qualitative than printing, embroidery work allows limitless creativity.

Our machine embroideries are made by a company specialized in the art of embroidery located in the region of Porto, a few kilometers from our garment factory and fabric supplier.

We make our hand embroideries in Calcutta, India (Signature shorts, available soon). Why India? Quite simply because the precision and quality of Indian embroidery is recognized by all the players in the textile industry. Our partner on the spot is a workshop specialized in high fashion embroidery, recognized and awarded internationally.


Embroidery care

We made sure that all our embroideries are as resistant and durable as possible. Our embroidery threads are suitable for highly used and frequently washed products. They are also specially dyed to be chlorine resistant. They will better support exposure to chlorinated water, salt water and the sun than any other thread.

Nevertheless, embroidery remains a meticulous work that should be respected and protected as soon as possible.

We advise to take care of your product as follows:

Swim shorts care icon: hand wash
Rinse your product in cold water as soon as possible after use.
Swim shorts care icon: wringing
Do not wring out to remove water, especially for products with embroideries made by hand.
Swim shorts care icon: drying in the shade
Hang dry in shade if possible.
Material-white net

Our fabrics

Swim shorts

For our swim shorts, we chose a 100% polyamide fabric, a material that allows for quick drying and a high resistance of the fabric over time (water, wind, tear resistance).

We spent several months sourcing for the material we had imagined and found it in Portugal.

In addition to protecting the skin from the sun with its UPF 40 certification (97.5% of UV rays blocked), our material has a soft cotton-effect feel while retaining its durability and moisture-wicking properties.
With this hybrid material, our "swimwear" is therefore both a lightweight city short and a swimming costume perfectly suited to sea or pool water.

Depending on the quality of the water, it is possible that your shorts will harden slightly as they dry. If this happens to you, don't panic: simply crumple your product slightly between your hands and it will instantly regain its suppleness and softness! 


For our t-shirt, we selected a rather unusual fabric: a light Japanese denim with a special weave.

Like all denim, this material is dyed with indigo, in our case in Japan. It is then washed in France in the beautiful Vendée region to take its two final shades.

Washing can’t be exact so it can happen that the product you receive has a very slight difference from what you see on our website. But don’t worry, in any case, your t-shirt will evolve through all your home washings, just like your favorite pair of jeans does !